Monday, 14 September 2009

Allotments - probably the first time I've agreed with Chris Leslie!

Whisper it quietly folks but, for probably the first time in his short life, the boy Leslie has said something sensible. Having been rejected by the good folk of Shipley, Chris secured a nice sinecure at the New Local Government Network (how New Labour do you want to get Chris!) where he set about promoting the cause of privatising most of local government through contracting services to large multinational organisations.

Given this track record, I was taken aback by young Leslie's mug in the local paper promoting the use of brownfield land for allotments. I read the piece a second time just to make sure I read it right but it seems Chris has succumbed to the green lobby and sees these unused urban spaces as potential haven of peace, tranquility and vegetable growing for our urban population (who are, as we know, clamouring for allotments).

Well done Chris - it's a really good idea. Can I also add a plea for the relaxation of green belt rules to allow the creation of allotment gardens in my neck of the wood too!

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ben said...

It'd be even more use if they gave spaces like that over to beekeeping too. Urban bees and urban beehives tend to be freer of parasites and the effects of pesticides.

This would also redress some of the loss of hives due to colony collapse disporder.