Wednesday, 28 October 2009

£175,000,000,000 in debt and the Government produces glossy brochures!

Home from work. Cup of tea. Post (this being a non-strike day it seems). Blood pressure soars.

Why? Because this organisation - a waste of time and money if ever there was one - spent your and my money on producing a 16 page full colour glossy brochure featuring the joyous headline:

"Overcoming climate change together"

...and it's worse. The whole magazine - page after page - features examples of Government squandering our money:

  • The Yorkshire & The Humber Regional Grand Committee
  • Non-executive Directors of GOYH (of a civil service branch - why?)
  • A puff for European Structural Funds (aka our money filtered through Eurocrats and given back)
  • How "Faith Communities bring £300 million to the region" (and how much goes out to pay for the international superstructures of the various religions - damn sight more I suspect)
  • Loads of inconsequential money for the housing sector (not enough to make any difference but still millions)
  • Plus a double page spread featuring the money wasted by government in holding endless meetings to talk about climate change
...there's folk out there trying to keep businesses afloat, worrying about whether they'll have a job next week, stressed about paying the mortgage...and the Government Office wants to talk about how its talking about "climate change" and send out expensive glossy brochures. It makes me want to scream and shout and tear down their posh (and expensive) offices in Leeds.

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Pam Nash said...

Anyone would think you can still be surprised by this Government. At least Gordo and his chums are consistent. Consistently arses. Spin, spin, spin.