Thursday, 11 March 2010

Today's Gordon Brown Lie...the master at work!


Since the Afghans more or less invented low intensity warfare how on earth does Gordon Brown get away with saying this - without challenge?

"In response to allegations that the Government was slow to replace the soft-skinned Snatch Land Rover patrol vehicles, which are vulnerable to roadside bombs, Mr Brown said that it was not known for some time in either Iraq or Afghanistan that enemy forces would use guerilla tactics, including home-made bombs, rather than facing allied troops in open battle."

Gordon, this is a lie. And you are a liar.

H/T Man in a Shed for the article

...and just to make my point, Parlez me nTory directs me to this little book: Afghan Guerilla Warfare: Mujahideen Tactics in the Soviet Afghan War (Paperback)


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angela said...

nother nauseating incident in the house yesterday. David Cameron was on the attack over the lack of funds to the MoD and immediately Gordon tried to switch the subject to Lord Ashcroft! Doesn't he get it? Anything to do with Lord Ashcroft will never, ever mean as much to the British people as the lives and safety our troops. Even if Lord Ashcroft has rifled the crown jewels, it is not the same.

The next time Gordon goes on a vote catching visit to Afghanistan, I hope the military take him in a Snatch Land Rover for a long, long ride.