Sunday, 7 March 2010

Stumbling towards enslavement...

Iam dominit ut pareant, nondum ut serviant
Back in the first century AD, Cornelius Tacitus wrote these words about the British...
"...being already schooled to obey, but not ready for slavery."
Sadly, we find ourselves in this condition again. Trained to obey - to accept unquestioning the controls our rulers place upon us. And Tacitus, explaining Boudicca's revolt said:

"Once we had one king at a time, but now we get two imposed, the legate to ravage our lifeblood and the procurator our goods, one served by centurions, the other by slaves, all combining violence with insolence..."

Taxation and compulsion - the twin obsessions of our current government. Along with the opium for the masses, the comfortable life that awaits the acquiescent...

"...gradually they were drawn off into decadence with colonnades and baths and chic parties. This these innocents called civilised life, whereas it was really part of their enslavement."

Have we learned nothing in 2000 years?
*Note: Tacitus quotes and translations from "Ad Infinitum" by Nicholas Ostler

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