Saturday, 24 July 2010

Can't work out whether or not this is parody?


Taken from the comments on this post from Alex Tabarrock (a mighty fine blogger for those who like their economics 'in your face'):

Humans are trashing the planet. Who's allowing us to do that? Why is being allowing to happen, and who is benefitting from the destruction? One specific environmental disaster is bad enough, especially if you're the bird who is drenched in oil and dies a painful death. But it is the accumulated affects of human actions that will ultimately lead to ecological collapse (such as Global Warming), and nuclear war fought over resources. George Mason University will be destroyed in the blast and you will die. No cat will be needed to put you out of your misery.

Mind you the bizarre debate about how many birds are kiled by cars that runs through these comments makes me wonder whether the whole thing might be an elaborate construct created to provide me with pleasure. Either that or eco-obsessives are a bunch of loons. Make your choice?


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JuliaM said...

Cars? Outside of pheasants and pigeons (and the occasional owl) do many species feature as roadkill?