Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday Fungus: The Pressures of being a Number One blogger!

Yet again we arrive at the time of year when serious political blogging folk look with trepidation to Mr Dale’s lists. Eyes scan up and down the lists asking ‘who’s up’ and ‘who’s down’. For some the journey from five or six in the list downwards through 20, 50, 70…90! Followed by relief at just sneaking into the top 100 – the fancy badge can still be displayed (assuming that, unlike my friendly computer fairies, you have the technical competence to transfer the badge to the blog).

Now as this blog is – without doubt or question – the Number One Blog in the category of right-wing blogs featuring mushrooms and fairies, I am making these observations from a position of smug superiority. So you are excited at moving up a few places in the ‘Scottish Bloggers’ category and at settling comfortably into a mid-table position among left-wing bloggers. I know that – among the elite of political mushroom bloggers and the noble class of bloggers who touch on The Gentry – I am the most authoritative, well-read and referred.

Why should I be concerned about the “top 100” Conservative blogs or some other list – these are worries for lesser folk, craven in their attention-seeking and obsessive in their bothering about rank. I am the numero uno of mycological, mythical, faerie bloggers (or at least the right wing ones).

And I would make a badge if my fairy friends knew how!

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