Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Ah memories....

"Tory scum" echoes the (ever so slightly posh) voice behind the presenter.

"Tory scum"

Tears sprang to my eyes at the memory of that cry - so often directed towards me back in the days! I could picture the cry of the trot, newspapers in hand...

"Fight the cuts, fight the Tories. SO-cialist Worker"

There would be the sleek John Rees - resplendent in his expensive bomber jacket and faux-palestinian scarf - crying the cry of the activist. A cry made louder as we tore up his foul rag before his eyes.

Ah, memories of student protest. Of the grand fights against "cuts". Of the struggle, the organising, the mobilising. The memory of the Communist student official who ran a campaign calling for us to vote for him to get:

"More n-n-n-nutty campaigning"

So thank you students for reminding me of those days. I didn't agree with you back then when I was a student and I don't agree with you now.

...but the memories are good!


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