Sunday, 26 December 2010

Inbox empty

There is a mild sense of satisfaction when you walk out the office door knowing that you leave behind an empty in-box and a cleared desk! It's less satisfying knowing you'll not be going back.

However, knowing that there's nothing to be done - or perhaps more importantly, to be worried about - is a satisfaction in itself. Not only can you recharge but also the mind is free to speculate, to wander down less well-travelled paths of interest. In the end these thoughts must be directed - the active person has to take control. But meantime just thinking; "I can do that" or "I might speak with her" or "there's a real gap for that kind of work" - random ideas littering the mind, as it were are good things and undoubtedly cathartic.

So here's to a break filled with thinking, watching, reading listening and learning. Plus a fair deal of eating drinking and making merry.


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