Saturday, 11 December 2010

A glimpse of that Summer....

A little glimpse - unintended, unmeant, but a glimpse nonetheless. A snatched sight of a better place where the grass really is greener, where seasons are seasons and where time stands still in the Summer of our childhood. A shudder of regret, the smell of things we miss and the sour taste of things we got wrong.

This isn't us turning back the clock or even appealing for that clock to stop in the great Summer. It's us remembering, smiling and taking stock. Recalling the dark times, the times of sadness and loss, that there were good times, times of joy. Moments when we laughed ourselves silly. Days that were filled with the excitement of discovery.

Without these glimpses into that greener world, we would not cope with loss. We would be torn asunder by the World's pain.

So let's take them when we can, treasure them and smile.


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