Monday, 17 January 2011

Please God, save me from plans...especially Big Plans

Dear reader, I do not wish to burden you with too much of the content of Bradford's Big Plan II merely to give you a flavour so you may appreciate the pain us Councillors go through on your behalf. In kindness to fine bloggers such as Msrs Puddlecote and Leg-iron, I shall refrain especially from sharing the contents of the section entitled "health and well-being" - it would strain their delicate sensitivities I fear.

Big Plan II is Bradford's second "sustainable community strategy" and is all about partnership working, cross-cutting themes and a "new outcomes framework going forward". We are assured that it is "evidence and intelligence based" and that it has been validated through "consultative workshops and scrutiny committees". And the plan "overarches" other parts of the District's "strategy architecture" including the Children's Plan, Economic Strategy and Council Corporate Plan.

I am sure you all now appreciate the significance of this document and of the work that goes into producing it. Big Plan II will be the basis of planning for delivery through the "Strategic Delivery Partnerships". The plan is the culmination of work across the "key priority themes" of "Health & Well-being", "Learning & Skills", "Safer Communities" and "Stronger Communities" (plus the essential elements about environment including obligatory references to climate change as well as a mystery something called "eco-systems services").

Without a scintilla of doubt, the good people of Bradford should be grateful for the effort of these noble public servants in bringing together such a fine plan. For Big Plan II is such a beast - resplendent with statements on "active citizenship", "maximising cultural assets" and "people centred services". We have created - and shall agree and publish a paean to the benefits of effective partnership working, prioritisation and focused joint working across cross-cutting themes. A plan where there is a "delivery picture", where communities are enabled and resilient, and where the focus is on "productivity, social good and public value".

Doubtless its launch will be lauded by the populace, celebrated with street parties while, in the City Squares, the Leaders and Executives are paraded shoulder high on gilded chairs as passers by strew rose petals and palm fronds before them to ease their passing. It shall be a wonder!


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marksany said...

What happened ro Big Plan I?