Saturday, 26 February 2011

A dark day for Ireland - electing a terrorist and friend of murderers to its parliament


Gerry Adams was a leading member of the IRA when the organisation received support and funding - probably arms, too - from Libya:

In 1972, 29-year-old Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi made contact with leading Irish republican Joe Cahill through the Breton artist and sculptor Yann Goulet. The purpose of the approach was an offer of material assistance to the IRA whose struggle against British occupation of the Six Counties was reaching a new intensity. 

I'm sure Gerry Adams knew about this. And the story continues.

In 1973, when Seamus Twomey was arrested Gerry Adams took over as commanding officer of the IRA in Belfast. The Adams leadership was well able to match the body count which occurred under Twomey in 1972 which read, 81 innocent Catholics and 41 innocent Protestants mainly murdered in no warning IRA bomb attacks.

I'm sure Gerry Adams knew about this - his entire political life has been spent around murderers, hoodlums and thieves. Criminals made worse in that they took over a noble cause - uniting Ireland - and brought it violence, death and terror.

Today, Gerry Adams is elected to the Dail - representing the County of Louth, a place he has never lived and has no interest in. It is a dark day for that County and for Ireland. It would be better were Adams rotting in some jail instead of parading his evil across the Republic.



Pam Nash said...

I have two observations.

1.) Folk deserve the MP the voted for, for good or ill.

2.) I'm assuming that this means Adams will resign as a UK MP forthwith, and therefore will no longer be drawing the salary commesurate with it - he never attended Parliament and continuing to draw his salary was an utter disgrace.

Simon Cooke said...

Adams had to resign from his Westminster seat to stand for election in a foreign country!