Saturday, 12 March 2011

“But in Las Vegas, that would mean serving cactus and sand.”

I just loved this (ever so slightly grumpy) article about locavores by Pavia Rosati, a New York based food and travel writer:

But when your ideals cross the line from practice to pontification, you’ve gone too far. When does that happen? When you send an entrée back to the kitchen because the chef served it with a lemon wedge, and you’re in Chicago. When you spend less time at Sunday brunch hearing about your friends’ Saturday antics and more time raising a silent, judgmental eyebrow at their lack of dietary discipline. Mango juice? How very dare they.

No one can honestly argue that a can of agri-giant corn kernels bathed in goo tastes better than an ear of fresh local corn, but hearing locavores yammer on about it makes me want to wallow in a big vat of corn syrup. 

Entertaining, challenging and balanced - a great article. Do read it!


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