Saturday, 26 March 2011

"Everything is within the state, nothing without the state" - today's marcher motto

Back in the 1980s – that age evoked so charmingly by Ed Miliband recently – the word “alternative” was captured and held prisoner by the forces of the left. To be an ‘alternative’ comedian wasn’t to be funny (although some were this doesn’t include Ben Elton) but to be ‘left-wing’, ‘progressive’ and above all else against “The Tories”.

In the end the alternatives weren’t really alternatives at all – there was much talk of “defending”, “fighting”, “mobilising”, “organising” and, of course, “striking” but little of substance as to the alternative being proffered.

Now, we find the same voices crying out, a coalition of the self-interested and the prejudiced descend onto London disrupting the pleasure of tourists, the weekend of locals and the choices of visitors. To achieve what is unclear except that this is a march for the “alternative”.

 For some, such as the Unions the alternative is for ordinary people to pay more taxes and for government to cripple future generations with debt so their members can continue to consume what the nations earns (and remember, dear reader, that public servants – however valued – are solely consumers, they do not produce wealth or income) regardless of the interests of those who are producing that wealth.

For others – the spoiled children of UK Uncut in the forefront – the aim is to disrupt and annoy, to make a petty point and to adopt again that squadrista role of doing what the government refuses to do (not that they will succeed in this, of course) in “maintaining services”.

Behind all this lurks to prejudice, the hatred of business and enterprise. People clutch at a specious belief in the moral superiority of public service and wallow in ugly envy of others fortune. These people – who somehow believe, like Mussolini, that “everything is within the state, nothing is without the state” – are screaming for the good state, be it motherland, fatherland or the nanny, to care for them, coddle them, provide for their every whim and need. And to take the money for it off those “other” people.

This March for the Alternative is the political equivalent of a toddler’s tantrum.



Anonymous said...

Last one left, they deleted the others.


MP's urged to vote for a total smoking ban

"The TUC has already called for a ban without exceptions.

And last week GMB organiser Mick Ainsley, whose union organises casino workers, said: 'We are writing to all GMB sponsored MPs to remind them that the issue here is not about a smoker's individual choice, it is about the right of workers not to breathe in secondhand smoke.'

A march for jobs,growth and justice,eh?

Anonymous said...

In personal comments on some other blogsite, someone ventured an opinion that there are other protests planned the same day as the selfish protest planned against necessary budget cuts this weekend. And one of those protests is non-selfishly to do with the census requiring too much personal information be given out. But what the commentator opinionated was that perhaps these less selfish motivated protests will have no effect simply because the media, which panders to the left, will take all numbers and photos of all protestors and throw them all into the protesting for more handouts for the unions and students camp, thus negating the effects of any less-selfish protests for the simple request of freedom and liberty while giving stronger appearance in the media to that of the left-leaning selfish protestors. The news media in this country is acting recklessly in regard to reporting actual truth these days and playing politics with the news.