Monday, 18 April 2011

So they'll just drink something else won't they?


Not content with pricing as a strategy, it seems the Alcohol Concern are heading straight for the absinthe solution - banning white cider:

Homelessness organisations are calling for super-strength white ciders to be banned after a new report revealed the impact the drinks have on homeless people in England.

I know it says homelessness organisations (and the report is 'backed' by St Mungo's and Thames Reach - incidentally the same two organisations that support Westminster Council's banning of soup runs) but the report was commissioned by Don Shenker who says:

‘This government has shown its desire to tackle cheap alcohol and the social and health problems associated with it; however it needs to go much further to address the sale of white ciders which are predominantly used by street drinkers and young people as a fast way to get drunk.

‘If the drinks industry cannot get its own house in order, then government should step in and tax white ciders out of the market.’

What these idiots appear not to appreciate is that these street drinkers will just drink something else!

Now where's that moonshine recipe?


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