Friday, 22 April 2011

Yorkshire Sculpture Park - why all the bossy signs?

Yorkshire Sculpture Park ought to be a fantastic, exciting place - great art in a parkland setting, how could that be topped (although I really don't get Barbara Hepworth's 'Family of Man').

But, in that way only public sector officialdom can achieve, the management of this place seem to wallow in bossy signs:

"Strictly no climbing!"

"No climbing picnics or dogs"

"Conservation area, NO PUBLIC ACCESS"

Now unless this is some curious installation - littering the place with hundreds of officious signs might in some deranged mind be called art - it is an example of how not to communicate with the public. Bossy, ordering, controlling - just what we expect from government bodies. And really sad since it rather interfered with my pleasure and enjoyment.

Customer service means giving not removing permission. And if you'd rather people didn't do something ask politely - you know with those words "please" and "thank you" - and explain why. Something like -"this is a rare and delicate tree than might be damaged if children climbed it".

And one other thing - if you have a cafe that serves salad (good), make sure it has some salt for heaven's sake!


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