Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bring it on!


The public sector trade unions - or at least their leaders - are threatening us with strikes again. After assorted teachers' union leaders calling for strike action because their pension contributions will rise a little, we have Dave Prentiss from Unison:

Unless this government changes direction, it is heading for industrial turmoil on a massive scale,'he added. 'The government must understand that UNISON will fight tooth and nail to protect and defend public services.'

I remember the late 1970s when we buckled time and again to these sort of threats. And I remember the damage that unions did to the economy, damaging - even destroying - good businesses, creating misery for millions and using their power to demand preference for their members at the expense of the old, the sick and the poor. We should never do so again. Never.

So bring it on Mr Prentiss.



Pat Nurse MA said...

Labour is full of bullies and thugs who think they can stamp their feet and have a mega tantrum and the Govt will put their dummy back in for them.

As the most hated post war party, I think this action will only lose them more support - except that of other self-interest public sector workers of course.

They are happy to get their cozy fat cat jobs back at the expense of other industries and communities and then order us all to do as they tell us, but when the public boots 'em out at elections, they start piling on the pressure and saying how they'll "Schream and schream until I'm sick" because it hasn't gone their way.

They don't seem to "get" that we've moved on as a society in the last 100 years or so. "The poor" that they are so fond of patronising are sick to death of them and want their jackboot off their necks, and the working class doesn't really exist anymore. These "Public sector workers" are middle class snobs if they only got their heads out of their organic arses long enough to see it.

Anonymous said...

The 70's.
The days when the unions could turn the lights out stop the supply of goods.
I think we will manage without a few human rights co-ordinators or whatever their called.
Yes bring it on.
Then lock em out.

Simon Cooke said...

Pat, this isn't really a go a public sector workers, fat cat ones or otherwise, I know plenty of them and they are decent folk.

Indeed, we should remember that even in Bradford around half the work force isn't in a union. The unions serve their members well but the public poorly.

Pat Nurse MA said...

"The unions serve their members well but the public poorly"

Not my experience as a member of the NUR back in the late 70s and they don't give a damn about "workers" who can't afford their membership fees.

Shame they don't work more for the public that they are supposed to be paid to serve and not harass which is what happens when half the country is in public service bureaucratising, regulating, and enforcing on the other half.