Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Campaign Diary: the final flourish

Feeling a little footsore today but have shifted all the last minute leaflets - still getting an excellent response on the doorstep especially with the weather making folk so cheery any how!

Handed one lady in Harden the leaflet emblazoned with the words "Re-elect Simon Cooke" and got a big beam plus the words:

"...and why not!"

Motivating stuff to finish the campaign with - will be out and about tomorrow but most of the effort will be on knocking up. Both in Bingley Rural and, hopefully, helping out in Shipley and Keighley West where we've hopes of winning (Shipley would be a great gain from the ghastly Greens).

However, I had a long and sobering conversation with one woman about the 'smelly wagons' and the seemingly endless problems with breaches of planning and health regulations. Long because I needed to update the woman with what was happening, sobering because it showed once again that, given enough cash, businesses like the one concerned seem able to carry on flouting the rules with seeming impunity.

It's all well and good us politicians promising "action" but the powers available to the local authority are limited and subject to endless review and appeal. Moreover, there appears to be little or no ability for members to really influence the process or the outcome - frustrating for us as councillors and no help at all to local residents. It seems we may need to look at some sort of legal action - there must be some recourse available for these local people.


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