Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Not that you care of course!

Yesterday evening I was elected as Deputy Leader of Bradford Council's Conservative Group - exciting times but times that will affect the content of this blog. It's not that I'm going away, the mushrooms will remains, the occasional whimsy with flutter across the airwaves, I'll still talk of fairies but on the politics my voice is no longer my own. As a group officer, I have something akin to collective responsibility - my words may be taken to indicate group policy.

So forgive me if some of the more vociferous and trenchant of my political comments become somewhat tempered - such is the circumstance. I'll still be writing when I can - after all a Conservative having a go at socialists, statists and fake liberals isn't exactly a surprise - but it will be moderated by the need to consider the interests of the Group.

Not of course that you care!



Lysistrata said...

Simon -
I care!
But seriously, congratulations. Bradford (where I lived and worked most of my life) needs you.

Angry Exile said...

I do care. Libertarian leaning Tories are a very rare beast these days. Are you sure they haven't just got you in the tent to have you pissing in the preferred direction?