Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Red versus Blue politics returns to Bradford!

Kiwi celebrates Simon's election
You know it's so when you read it in the paper!

In a joint statement following the group’s annual meeting, Coun Miller and Coun Cooke said: “The year ahead will undoubtedly be difficult at a Council level as the organisation is undergoing huge changes in order to rationalise layers of management and realise the efficiency savings which the former Conservative council identified.

“We intend to continue the job of ensuring that the Conservative group holds the Labour administration to account for the delivery of these efficiency savings in order to protect the services which are actually valued by local residents.”

Coun Miller and Coun Cooke said they would be forming a management team to revise their strategies for “providing an effective opposition”. 

All to play for I guess but we hope a return to 'red versus blue' politics in Bradford.


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