Monday, 6 June 2011

I am an economist!


In a (less successful) attempt to repeat the 1981 letter from 364 economists that didn't change Sir Geoffrey Howe's policy, a letter from 52 'economists' was sent to The Observer criticising George Osborne's economic policies. However, it is now clear that most of the 'economists' weren't economists but from other academic disciplines.

...only 15 of the 52 signatories were actually practising mainstream economists, with many more experts in subjects such as organisational studies, social policy theory, culture and media.

On the basis of this discovery - and being the holder of a BA in South East Asian Studies (including several modules of development economics) and an MSc in Urban Regeneration - featuring a dissertation testing the New Economics Foundation's LM3 multiplier model - I am now inclined to call myself an economist.

Except I'm not, of course!


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