Tuesday, 19 July 2011

So we have a "Cities Minister"...forgive me for not getting too excited just yet

Although the minister's remit is unclear:

He will report to business secretary Vince Cable as well communities secretary Eric Pickles in his new capacity.

BIS also announced that Clegg will chair a ministerial group, including Clark, which will seek to "develop new ideas for cities and consider the impact of existing policies".

So two bosses - not a great start. And (how do I put this), can't cities develop their own "new ideas" without a hyperactive minister popping up to take credit for everything? We shall see - I just hope that Mr Clark doesn't see his remit as concerning itself just with those loud and self-important cities like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool but looks at the real drivers of our economy - Reading, Southampton, Bristol - as well as the places, like my city of Bradford, that despite their size (Bradford is England's fourth most populous metropolitan district) are left out from the the talk of "core" cities.


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Mike Chitty said...

As well as being Minister for Cities he is also Minister for Decentralisation! No pradox there then!