Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Still think planners aren't anti-business - try this then...


From one of the usual culprits no doubt:

Speaking to Surveyor on the condition of anonymity, due to being involved in discussions with government surrounding the framework, one senior source said: 'We are concerned about de-regulation. The various leaked versions that have circulated appear to withdraw the onus on reducing car journeys and maximising the use of sustainable transport.'

The source added: 'With the agenda of localism and removing standards, I worry about the affect the framework might have on the real need for an effective planning system.'

You see they don't think people are able to order their own lives and business manage their own affairs!


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Anonymous said...

Businesses are fleeing state of California in the US, one of the heaviest tax burdened states. Their new all liberal governor and associates came into office this year. This week, the all liberal legislature sent a bill to the all liberal governor who signed into law a new mandate. All California businesses with 20 employees or greater is required to pay for all employees' mass transit tickets and passes for the month - the only exception being in the case of those employees who cannot use mass transit in order to get to work. Although the California chamber of commerce, representative of businesses, has denounced the law as intrusive and too expensive, the local politicians in the San Francisco area have been all over the media applauding this successful forced government patronage of the government owned transit systems, which will keep unionized transit related jobs expanding well into the future, backed by what is essentially another new tax on business in this case. That is what this article reminds me with it's "maximising the use of sustainable transport" - it's to maximize the number of government and union employees through more theft of taxes from responsible business owners anyway they can get away with it.