Sunday, 14 August 2011

Educating future lawyers...


Let me introduce you to Dr Ian Grigg-Spall:

Dr. Ian Grigg-Spall is Director of Studies of all undergraduate law courses at the University of Kent, and solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. He also acts as the liaison officer with the English Law Society and Bar. He taught previously at the University of Cambridge, and at the Boalt Hall School of Law, Berkeley, California.

And - courtesy of Samizdata:

The Left needs to defend the riots; not to valourise the burning of grannies’ cars, but to make clear that we reject the whole bourgeois construction of events, that we stand in solidarity with the oppressed and that, when it comes to it, we will, without hesitation, join the “rioters” to overthrow the legitimised exploitation, state-sanctioned violence and sham “democracy” that oppress us all.

Hey, I might be wrong but I bet he went to public school!


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