Monday, 8 August 2011

Of course, the musician doesn't have to perform for free...


Apparently those wicked charity fundraisers are using "emotional blackmail" to get musicians to perform for free at events (as a former professional fundraiser this is news to me, maybe the world's changed). And the Musicians Union is on the charge at TUC conference:

"It is wrong that many performing artists are expected to work for nothing when they are engaged for charitable and fundraising events," the motion says.

"It is extremely unfair to put professional musicians into a situation where they are emotionally blackmailed into working for no fee and are asked to give their services to a good cause. This is particularly unjust when others associated with the event, such as venue staff, lawyers and caterers, are being paid."

We sought to get a great deal - free if we could - from all our suppliers. Every penny we saved was a penny more for the charity. Maybe instead of moaning, musicians could grow a spine and insist on being paid. You don't have to perform, after all!


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