Monday, 15 August 2011

Things that West Yorkshire Police could safely cut...


Received an e-mail this morning from Bradford Council's press and marketing operation - telling me about the latest of West Yorkshire Police's jolly campaigns: "Neighbourhood policing: here for good!"

You may already be aware, that the Chief Constable, Sir Norman Bettison, has launched a Police campaign, ‘Neighbourhood Policing Here for Good.’ Please see the attached poster.

The campaign will aim to reassure the public that West Yorkshire Police is still committed to Neighbourhood Policing and the principles of 'Our Commitment.'

The campaign will be driven by the Force’s 48 Neighbourhood Policing Teams who will be provided with materials such as posters and flyers. The message will also appear on the Force website, social network sites and be distributed via Bluetooth messaging.
And you wondered what your local police were up to, didn't you? Posters, flyers, grand tours by the top brass, receptions for us councillors (and others of the local 'great and good') - I'm curious as to how many criminals this will catch and how many crimes it will prevent. Approximately none at all, I suspect.

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Ian B said...

Mine (Northampton) send out a newspaper. Seriously. A bloody newspaper. We call it the Plod Pravda.