Friday, 26 August 2011

We aren't getting fatter...


Once again the worshippers at the Church of Public Health are misleading us - but not one single voice of challenge have I heard on the BBC of in the newspapers to this:

Governments around the world need to make immediate and dramatic policy changes to reverse a pandemic of obesity which could affect an extra 11 million people in the UK over the next 20 years, public health scientists have warned.

This simply isn't true - as VGID points out from the latest figures :

Despite the government ignoring the anti-obesity lobby's urgent suggestions for traffic light labelling on food and suchlike, the latest figures show that obesity amongst men has fallen to 22% and the female obesity rate has fallen to 24%.

Given that the previous prediction could not have been more wrong—despite the modest task of forecasting just 4 years ahead—how likely do you think it is that the anti-obesity 'experts' can predict what will happen in 19 years?

We aren't getting fatter. Yet across the country the New Puritans are gearing up to argue for new "nudging" taxes, for bans on advertising and for controls over transfats. All to deal with a non-existent problem.


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