Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Why do the Liberal Democrats want to close down pubs?


Or that's what it seems like to me:

The Liberal Democrats are drawing up plans for a controversial new ‘tipple tax’ on every drink sold in a pub – despite warnings it will cripple the struggling industry.

Policy documents to be discussed at next month’s Lib Dem conference in Birmingham suggest the party should push for councils to be given new powers to levy a ‘small per drink surcharge’ in bars and pubs.

The document suggests the money raised could offset additional policing and health costs that drinkers impose on councils, and therefore residents, in many towns and cities.

So people just drink at home or round at their mate's place. Restaurants stop serving booze saying 'bring your own' instead. And more pubs shut for lack of business.

This obsession with taxes and levies will be the death of business.


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