Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Why on earth has it got anything to do with the Council?


I mean...

The decision of a Leicestershire council to potentially limit house-to-house collections to campaigns which return at least 70 per cent of income to charity has been praised by the Charity Retail Association but treated with caution by the Institute of Fundraising.

Why? When did we start licensing the innocent business of collecting clothes door-to-door? And for what value, reason or purpose is this done? I can see none at all.

It's just red tape - scrap it.


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Anonymous said...

But isn't this about ensuring that house-to-house collections are innocent? People don't want to find that what they gave to charity has in fact been embezzled by unscrupulous criminals. Why is ensuring that their citizens and voters are not deceived not a legitimate activity of a local council?

On this occasion, I think you've allowed your default position of "regulation is simply official busy-bodying" to blind you to the rights and wrongs of the matter.