Thursday, 29 September 2011

Councillors and blogging - for the unbeliever


From my colleague, Cllr Matt Palmer:

Some stats for unbelievers:

Established engagement: 

  • Households subscribing to my weekly email list: 468 (only covers Burley - I don't do a Menston one at the moment so that's for half the ward)
  • RSS news subscriptions to my web site: 435
  • Monthly visitors to website at 5,159 (10k page views)
  • Monthly visitors to local discussion forum at 11,855 (reading 95,556 pages between them)
 Local paper? About 1,130 in the same area in 2009 but fallen since then.
Almost all of this is from half my ward so with the right efforts over the next 8 years it could probably be doubled.
It does work!


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