Friday, 30 September 2011

Making alcohol is easy...

*** really is! You want cider, you crush up some apples in a tub add some water and leave it – hey presto, cider!

We are seeing more and more examples of illegal vodka manufacturies and tales of bad booze on the shelves of corner shops and off licences.

Making alcohol is easy. Really easy. Yet our lords and masters – the nannying fussbuckets of the Church of Public Health would raise the prices of drink through duty, hand extra profits to drinks businesses through minimum pricing and restrict advertising. All actions guaranteed to promote private production.

Watch next as these nannying fussbuckets call for bans on home brew kits and other kit for the making of moonshine. Listen as they find self-serving justifications for a policy that will kill more people than legal alcohol ever managed.

Yet the shouts and cries for bans, for controls and for higher taxes continue, the anti-drink lobby lie and mislead and the media lap up this rubbish, failing to challenge and question. 

Yet today the next step towards a sad, illiberal, judging and controlling world takes place. The Scottish government – run by the arch-nannies of the SNP – has grasped the temperance nettle and set that country on a road to smuggling, illegal stills and drinkers dead from supping methanol.

Awful for a country that makes this.


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Anonymous said...

It seems Puritanism still has a hold in Scotland.