Friday, 16 September 2011

More from the New Puritans at Benenden...


We've met Benenden Healthcare Society before when they spread a few myths about drinking and misrepresented some research. And they're back!

More than one-third of British adults believe that a person's healthcare treatment should be affected by whether their lifestyle is healthy or unhealthy, according to latest research.

A poll by healthcare provider Benenden Healthcare Society found that 29% of people believed that those who lead healthier lives should receive priority treatment over those with less healthy lifestyles.

I'm guessing therefore that two-thirds of the population - between six and seven out of ten - don't think those who lead healthier lives should get priority on the NHS. Indeed, the researchers at Benenden tell us that even with the ultimate pariah - the smoker - most people (61%) don't think that they should be 'deprioritised' in receiving NHS treatment.

There is some hope - but not if folk like those at Beneden get their way!


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