Sunday, 4 September 2011

The sorry end of liberalism in the liberal democrats


The papers have been filled with Clegg inspired testosterone as the might Deputy prime Minister regales his followers with all the things he has stopped from happening - you know the things like developing choice and competition in care, health and education.

And this is pretty sad because I thought Nick was a liberal. You know what I mean? The sort of politician who believes in the power of independence, in giving people choice and that responsibility comes from freedom not from government dictat.

It would appear not. It would appear that the last vestiges of liberalism have faded - Clegg now leads a social democratic party virtually indistinguishable from the social democratic party led by Ed Miliband.

I'd hoped that having liberals in the coalition would push my party away from the state-directed controls to which we were wedded - be it on the environment, on crime or in public health.

Sadly it appears not. Indeed I hear more genuinely liberal voices from the right of my party and (inconsistently it must be said) from UKIP.

The Liberal Democrats are no longer a 'liberal' party, Shame really as Britain needs one.


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Pat Nurse MA said...

That's what I found and why I switched (non-voting) support from Labour to (voting and active) support for UKIP.

My ideal Govt would be a Conservative majority with a UKIP opposition. If that doesn't bring back Liberalism into the mainstream then I have no idea what else will :<(