Wednesday, 14 September 2011

...they never let up do they!


... but thankfully there are folk out there putting the record straight:

Give that man a cigar for the most absurd apples and oranges comparison of the week. Grams of alcohol? What in the name of Lucifer's longjohns is this supposed to tell us? A pound of cement costs less than a pound of parsley, and a pint of nitrogen costs more than a pint of orange juice. So what? I challenge Mr Davidson to take 40 grams of cocaine a day while I take 40 grams of alcohol. At the end of the experiment I shall visit his grave. This individual is the head of this new 'charity', please note. God help us.

The temperance lobby want to make it really hard for you to get alcohol, they don't care if criminals come into the market with their exploding Welsh stills - drink is bad, evil and must be stopped.


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