Monday, 31 October 2011

In which the NHS begins to learn about targeting...


In a previous life (so to speak) we proposed this to Bradford Health Authority some 21 years ago. Back then targeting was a no-no. It seems the NHS is learning - for example about the impact of alcohol:

Targeting 'risky' male drinkers could save NHS £120m - report

Note that, rather than the usual target,alcohol itself, the proposal is to target the actual problem - the alcohol abuser. And with sensible intervention too:

A 10-minute advisory session with a doctor or nurse can reduce alcohol consumption by up to five units a week.

So much better, fairer and more effective than minimum pricing, bans of advertising and sending out hyperbolic press releases to the Daily Mail!


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Pat Nurse MA said...

Oh dear - sadly "targeting" in Nuspeak means "bullying" and I am really against that.

It is right people know of the dangers of those things they use. It is right they are taxed for any future perceived health costs. It is completely wrong that they are forced to change their lifestyle if they don't want to.

This is why I do not vote LibLabCon. They are making ordinary people's lives miserable when all most people want to do is get through as best they can without interference in every aspect of what they do in their private lives.

This is not the job of the NHS. This approach is making the NHS vile, selective, and nasty.

I know this because I am a smoker "targeted" now for some 20 or 30 years and now excluded and marginalised and the "target" of state encouraged smokerphobia.