Friday, 11 November 2011

The brief history of Cullingworth International Airport

The map is proof - back in 1919, the hill above Cullingworth, Manywells Heights was on the official list of 'civil stations'. It was an airport!

Sadly, the airport ended up at Yeadon (which may have pretty dodgy weather but is mild and sheltered next to Manywells) and Cullingworth International Airport never emerged.

But it's a thought!

For more on this story and other snippets, Cullingworth History Group have published a couple of booklets.



Clarissa said...

Ah, Yeadon International. I worked just down the road from it for about 9 months many years ago and drove under the runway many a time.

Mike Avison said...

There was an RAF base at Cullingworth (Manywells Heights)
which is presumably why it was chosen for the air routes shown in this article.