Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Strikes - this comment just about sums it up for me...


From the comments to this piece in the T&A:

The recession forced my company to make redundancies. So I do have to do other peoples work. I have not had a pay rise in 4 years. We were also asked to take a 20% pay reduction every 3rd month to avoid more redundancies (this lasted for 14 months) So I am worse off. A lot of of the Public Sector got a pay rise - even though there was a pay freeze. Because you moved up the scale in your payment band. I know this, because my sister is a teacher.
I took it. Because that is how the world is at the moment. Sure I want 3% pay increase every year, and I don't want to have to work 9 and a half hour days and Saturday mornings when I am contracted to a 39 hour week.
But when my alarm goes off, I wake up in 2011, in England. Not in a Fairy Tale or some make believe land.

Absolutely - in fact read the whole comment thread. Not a lot of support there for the strikes.



Ian said...

I feel for this man. He should join a union and have someone fighting for his interests.

I'm not sure why his ire is directed at nurses and librarians rather than the bankers who profited hugely by causing the recession, though.

Anonymous said...

Ian - you live in a Fairy Tale where the union can magic up automatic pay rises and protect jobs. This poor man is like many in the private sector - hanging on to his job with a company that sounds as though it is working hard to stave off more redundancies.

In the middle of my busy working day I rushed to the hairdressers for a quick cut. Sitting next to me was a teacher taking advantage of the strike to have her hair done, meet friends for lunch and then go on a shopping trip. Believe me - I didn't feel much sympathy for her cause.