Thursday, 1 December 2011

Someone thinks social housing is an investment...


...or it seems that way:

Investment manager M&G is set to step into the social housing lending market after securing £200 million of pension fund investment for the sector.

The fund, which launched today, will offer those housing associations that are unable to access the bond market long-term loans. The £200 million pot, which has attracted a number of investors, is the first of what M&G hopes to be a series of funds, with reports earlier this year putting the target value at around £1 billion.
 All this without a farthing of public subsidy. And why...

William Nicoll, director of fixed income at M&G Investments, said: ‘Social housing is a natural lending opportunity for any pension fund or insurance company that wants an inflation-linked income for the long-term."

There you go George - done with you even moving your lips!


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