Monday, 12 March 2012

...add sub-prime loans to business! Hey, that's a thought Vince!


Sometimes I could cry. Vince Cable wants cheap loans to business from a state investment bank:

"It would almost certainly be necessary to lengthen the period in public ownership. It may well mean state-controlled banks being able to lend at cheaper rates than new commercial banks, thereby affecting the development of more diverse finance"

So fix the market, offer loans to people who can't pay them back at cheaper rates and all in the name of "growth". Are these people actually living on the same planet as me? Is their memory so short that they don't recall that it was cheap, government-sponsored loan-making that got us into the mess in the first place?


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Frank J said...

Vince is living up to his usual standard of cheap populist garbage, just about keeping his head above the socialist mire.

And no, I'm afraid Parliament, generally, doesn't, these days, live on the same planet as ANY of us.