Friday, 9 March 2012

Let's ban painkillers!


The latest "something must be done, ban it now" froth is targeted at paracetamol. It would appear that taking more that the recommended dose might be bad for you:

Desiree Phillips, a 20-year-old single mother, died in hospital last August after being diagnosed with liver failure caused by paracetamol poisoning.

Her family said she had been taking only "a few" pills more than the recommended daily dose to cope with pain after having a routine operation to remove non-cancerous lumps in her breasts.

Speaking after an inquest into her death yesterday her grandfather Desmond Phillips said the case demonstrated that the drug was too unsafe to be sold over the counter. 

A real tragedy but, leaving aside the obvious observation that when it says "taking more than X is bad for you" don't take more than X, I had to smile at yet another contributor to liver problems (the other big one being hepatitis).

Although you won't of heard about these causes of liver failure because the prohibitionists are in charge and they want you to believe it's all caused by drink.


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