Thursday, 12 April 2012

Morality, booze and political correctness on campus - welcome to London Met


Some people think alcohol is "immoral"? Or so says the man who runs London Metropolitan University:

The vice-chancellor of London Metropolitan University is considering banning the sale of alcohol in some parts of the institution's campus because a "high percentage" of his students consider drinking to be "immoral".

Now let's consider some other things that a devout Muslim might consider "immoral":

Homosexuality -  "When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes."
Extra-marital sex -  "Muslims are advised to behave in a way and avoid circumstances that could potentially result in extra- or pre-marital sex"
Eating bacon - plus many other haraam (forbidden) foods and food preparations

I'm guessing that our vice-chancellor isn't about to ban gays or sex from his campus - let alone bacon! So why is he picking on alcohol? There's a clue in his comments:

Malcolm Gillies (our vice-chancellor) said he was "not a great fan of alcohol on campus"

We're getting there now - this is a man who likes a ban, who wants to control. Perhaps?

Or maybe it's a marketing ploy for a university struggling to fill its courses so has chosen to target. You see most of the university's muslim students are women and:

"...can only really go to university within four miles of home and have to be delivered and picked up by a close male relative"

So much for liberation! "Have to be delivered..." - what sort of world do we live in where we think that is an acceptable, healthy attitude towards women? Yet our vice-chancellor would change the rules for everyone to accommodate such an attitude!


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