Thursday, 31 May 2012

A crack in the anti-smoking edifice?


Only a small one:

Health bosses have announced they are planning to install controversial smoking shelters at the James Paget Hospital despite it being a smoke free site for more than seven years.

There are predictable exclamations of outrage from the normal culprits plus, a new entrant to the nannying fussbucket ranks, Unison:
And Unison, which represents thousands of NHS workers, thought health bosses had more opportunity to address the problem rather than just installing shelters.

Jeff Keighley, Unison regional director, said: “Three quarters of smokers want to quit when asked and I would expect this to be higher in health professionals and hospital workers. 

So much for looking after the workers!

There's a poll on the idea with the article too.



Mr A said...

Working in a University that runs Nursing courses, I'd say student nurses are by far the heaviest smoking group on campus.

So much for Unison standing up for their members' rights - especially since at least two nurses have been murdered and at least one raped (just the ones I can remember!) as a result of hospital smoking bans forcing them to go to unsafe locations.

Pat Nurse MA said...

People like Unison and ASH do not speak for smokers! NOT IN MY NAME!!

I am fed of these cranks making decisions for me.

David said...

I don't trust the 75% claim. Depends on which smokers they asked. And what questions - I'd imagine a great many actually want to quit because they're being taxed to buggery. Remember, making tobacco unaffordable is a crucial strategy. It's tobacco control's way of 'making it easier'. Of course, the less well paid are hit hardest.