Tuesday, 29 May 2012

We may yet get that referendum...


And yes, I will - given the chance - vote to leave the ghastly corruption that is the European Union. More to the point, most Tories are on my side of the argument:

Special ConHome poll: Almost three in four Tory members would vote to leave the EU now

As the chap from C4 says:

"...the pressure to have an absolute non-negotiable commitment to a referendum on the EU in the next Tory manifesto may well be insurmountable now."

In truth, it will probably be the price of many members' support.



Anonymous said...

The Europe issue is so crucial that, if any party manifesto contains two key commitments, it will get my vote.

Those are:-
1) The exact date of an In/Out Referendum within 3 months of the General Election.
2) The exact text of the direct question.

Even if it's only the BNP which offers that, I'm prepared to vote for them to support that single aim. I will not vote for any party which does not offer it. And I am not alone.

Then, after we get out, normal national politics can resume.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"an absolute non-negotiable commitment to a referendum"

You could almost call it a Cast-Iron promise.

Do you think we'll believe you this time?

Fool me once...