Friday, 1 June 2012

Hello Chief Constable, gotta new motor?

While the Police Authority has insisted on savings in front line policing - closing down public access to Bradford's police offices, for example, this doesn't extend to looking after the "Command Team". Yesterday I was e-mailed this:

West Yorkshire Police in its efforts to cut spending have just spent £40,000 each on 7 vehicles for its command team. Top cops in West Yorkshire are driving a fleet of flash cars – as the force struggles to save £96m.

More than £286,000 has been spent on top-of-the range models for the six members of the West Yorkshire Police command team and its counter-terrorism chief – at an average of over £40,000 per car. The motors include a luxury Jaguar XF, two BMW X5s, a BMW 535, two Audis and a Lexus 450H. 

Not bad business being a top copper but surely the men don't begrudge the brass their nice new motors?

The news, which comes as the force seeks to slash £96m from its budget and cut up to 2,000 jobs by 2015, has been met with outrage from frontline police.

So that's a 'no' then!



Anonymous said...

But they do look so smart when they're all lined up in the car-park at the Masonic Lodge.....

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I don't know why you bothered to blank out the number plate; wouldn't it better for "democracy" if we could recognise these self-indulgent graspers as they go about their "business"?