Thursday, 23 August 2012


Sometimes we forget. Not in that absent-minded, oh dear, oops sort of way but really forget. No matter how hard we search, wandering into the dustier corners of the mind and to the backs of the brain's cupboards it's not there. You must have stored it away somewhere but can you find it?

"Now what was 'my favourite place' four years ago when I first signed into that system? Or for that matter the name of 'my favourite teacher' or the first pet?" Nope, it's gone, there is only dust and an echo of laughter as you have to start again at the beginning.

I put this down to the simple fact that life's too short to spend it filling in the endless forms of government - often for them to tell you that you aren't qualified or that you've filled in the wrong form. Combine this with the obsession with security and we have a recipe for the inevitable forgetfulness.

I suppose someone might want to hack into the system and alter the details on a student loan application? This is just possible but, I suspect, highly unlikely. For sure, there's some personal information but I can't see that this unlikely hacker discovering just how little I earnt in a particular year gains him (it will be a him, I'm sure - women don't waste their time with such silliness) much if anything.

So why all this obsession? Today I signed into a spam filter at work - had to register and, you've guessed it, provide an answer to one of those 'secret questions' as well as a password. All this so I can access spammed e-mails sent to me at work - in the main e-bulletins and such like (for some reason the system dislikes the Manchester Evening News).

Why? It just makes for forgetting. It simply annoys. And I can't see what is gained?

Maybe I forgot?


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