Sunday, 30 September 2012

Because the left like to target "groups" for punishment doesn't mean the rest of us do...


The problem with the left is that they think other people will behave as unpleasantly as they do. This leads to the belief that negative consequences of policies are always 'deliberate'. Here's a tweet from Clare Gerada, top GP, leftie and self-professed feminist:

Women hit much harder than men by recession. Kate Green "this is deliberate". Women double whammy - tax credits & benefits 

Now I don't know who Kate Green is but I'm assuming that she's another lefty and that Clare Gerada approves of her views. And this is pretty scary from someone who is bright enough to be a proper doctor. I'm guessing that, like all the other lefties, Kate and Clare think the Conservative Party's inner sanctum is like something out of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" with besuited Tory toffs guffawing as they deliberately design policies that "target" women. I find it deeply worrying that such people - Kate and Clare that is - are anywhere near the levers of power.

The Labour Party when in power may deliberately target groups it doesn't like - parents of children at grammar schools and private schools, people living in rural communities, smokers, small businesses and drivers spring to mind. But Conservatives don't think that way. We really don't.

I know the lefties might be shocked by this revelation but it's true. That doesn't stop us from proposing policies like minimum pricing for drink that fall heaviest on a particular group but that is a consequence of a daft policy not a deliberate act of punishment. It may be true that women suffer more from recession (a recession caused by the last Labour government but we'll let that pass) but it is an enormous leap to believe that the Conservatives are deliberately manipulating the economy and the government's spending just to "target" women. On a scale of 1-10 for stupidity that is definitely an eleven.



Ivan D said...

I have to take issue with your suggestion that being a "proper doctor" automatically implies intellect. The ability to learn by rote and cram for exams yes, the ability to form objective coherent arguments, not especially. A massive and completely uncalled for superiority complex, definitely. In a tight intellectual corner, give me a Dr of Biochemistry over a medic any day of the week. Especially a left wing medic.

The Thought Gang said...

Minimum pricing for alcohol is, quite clearly, a policy aimed at the poor. It may not be because those proposing it dislike those poor, but it comes from a contempt for certain lifestyle choices and a 'we know better' attitude. It's every bit as bad as any of the more vindictive Labour policies.

Of course.. it's also exactly the sort of thing that Labour were doing anyway. So it's not a 'left vs right' thing, it's a 'smug self-appointed elites v unwashed proles' thing.