Saturday, 27 October 2012

So why do ASH - and the EU - and the WHO - want e-cigs banned?


Perhaps it's because they're not controlled by their friends in the pharmaceuticals industry? Whatever, it certainly isn't because they don't work:

What sets e-cigarettes apart from other non-traditional nicotine delivery systems is that it has a high conversion rate, meaning that ‘smokers’ are less likely to return to regular cigarettes—a trend not enjoyed by other non-burning nicotine outlets like patches...

A clue comes from the latest piece of deranged ideological nonsense from the World Health Organisation:

...Parties may also wish to consider whether the sale, advertising, and even the use of electronic cigarettes can be considered as promoting tobacco use, either directly or indirectly. Regardless of whether or not ENDS contain nicotine or tobacco extracts, they are used to mimic smoking, which could be considered as a (direct or indirect) promotion of tobacco use."

That's it folks - e-cigs mustn't be allowed because using them looks like smoking. It doesn't matter if thousands of smokers are escaping the damage of cigarettes through 'vaping'. It looks like smoking and might:

"...undermine the denormalization of tobacco use."

We truly live in a mad world when a product that can help people quit smoking is banned because it looks like smoking.



SadButMadLad said...

Will pens be banned next. When you stick them in your mouth as you think it does look like you're smoking. It could be said using the same argument that they promote tabacco use. I mean if we take it to ad absurdum levels then long sticks of liquirice which you suck on could be classed the same way.

Jonathan Bagley said...

Thanks for spreading the word Simon. I've almost completely changed to ecigs after smoking about twenty five roll ups a day for years. Everyone out there, They really do work and are delaying deaths (not saving lives). Don't buy a cheap one. Spend around forty or fifty pounds on one with a big battery. Visit

Jonathan Bagley said...

Should add, I've nothing against smoking and won't set foot in a pub while smoking is banned everwhere, but would rather be one of those people who can smoke occasionally. Now I can. The anti smoking (and pharmaceutical) industry's worst nightmare is here. I'm not surprised they are so desperate to ban them.