Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Is Lord Leveson stupid?


He's certainly giving a good impression:

The competition from bloggers and tweeters, "may encourage unethical and potentially unlawful practices to get a story"

This is providing crap journalists (who are remunerated for their work) with an excuse: "it was those nasty bloggers, m'lud, they made me do it".

And what on earth makes m'lud think that bloggers don't know we're:

...subject to the same laws as print and broadcast journalists.

(Although some like Eoin Clarke only find out the hard way).

The problem is that Lord Leveson wants to introduce laws that only apply to journalists and the newspapers they work for - not tweeters, facebookers or bloggers: just journalists in traditional newspapers. Stupid.


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Lou said...

My understanding is a fair number of journalists are bloggers themselves - and are known to post stuff rejected by MSM.

Faux hyper on their part.