Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bet Cllr Pullen's pleased we scrapped the Standards Board!


One of those slightly unfortunate comments on Twitter created a little storm in a teacup. George Galloway, for once, turned his eye towards Bradford to lay it on with a trowel about a Tweet by Keighley councillor, Steve Pullen:

“I don’t know who Councillor Steve Pullen is, but he’s an absolute disgrace, not just to the Labour party, but to humanity.”

Bit hard on Steve I suspect! But what a blessing it is that the Coalition scrapped the Standards Board. Had it not done so a long-winded investigation would have ensured into the Tweet doubtless culminating in some expensive lawyers trooping up to Bradford to conduct a little kangeroo court. Galloway would have loved the Standards Board!

Instead Steve's apologised, had his wrist slapped by the whips and left us the joy and pleasure of a Galloway rant!


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