Saturday, 2 March 2013

Quote of the week...David Ward MP


Comes from  David Ward MP:

" someone who has run race awareness classes, I find the idea that I have been sent on some sort of correctionary course to be patronising and quite offensive.” 

David still doesn't get what he did wrong - quite amazing for someone who lays claim to anti-racist purity!



Anonymous said...

Elitist Schill.

David Ward was speaking out about the daily attrocities against the people of Palestine.

Your comment reveals you to be a cynical, jingoistic crony.

I am not going to tell you what to do. You are already doing a masterful job of undermining yourself by turning a blind eye to the concentration camp that is Gaza.

Only one little bit of advice; people in glass houses tend to smash their own place up when throwing stones, ( just in case you've never had it interpreted: thought I ought to make my comment as patronising towards you as yours is to Mr Ward! ),


Julian Clapham. Voter.

PS Are you going to post this? Well... are you ?

Simon Cooke said...


"Elitist schill" - glad to note that you start by insulting me using a yiddish word!

Makes you something of a schmuck methinks.

Simon Cooke. Also a voter.