Sunday, 21 April 2013

Racists and left-wing thugs can march but the Scouts can't! The world is mad.


When the EDL came to Bradford there were 1700 police manning the barricades so to speak. Not to mention the endless hours of meetings, planning and general fussing over the occasion. Indeed, the professional leadership of the Council can't shut up telling us what a brilliant job they did!

But it seems that an entirely violence free and peaceful march through the City has maybe seen its last steps:

Scouts have held a parade in the city to celebrate St George, the patron saint of Scouting, for decades. But the police has told them it can no longer oversee the march for free, as its national guidelines had changed. 

Now let's be clear about this shall we? The decision is entirely a local decision, the scouts march along the public highway on a Sunday once a year. This is just a daft - pointless, purposeless, bureaucratic and soul-less - decision made wholly in West Yorkshire.

And it is wrong. Wrong that decent folk - men, women, boys and girls - have to pay for a couple of coppers when the protester, the union activist, the racist and the anarchist get their policing for free,



Colonel Shotover said...

I wonder if police bills are one of the reasons Oxford Scouts have packed in parading this year

Amongst the reasons cited they give "The time and effort required to organise a parade is disproportional to the overall outcome (we have to notify – in writing – every shop that we pass on the parade)"

Bureaucrats eh? Dontcha just love 'em?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that yesterday, after the Boston event, "hundreds more police officers" were instantly drafted in to provide security for the London Marathon.
Obviously the whole bill for this enormous additional cost will have been met by Virgin, the event's sponsor..... oh yeah !
If they can do it for a commercially sponsored event, then they can do it for the Scouts on our national saint's day.

Anonymous said...

Why is protesting against muslim supremacism, racism* and terrorism (deemed as) racist?

I am not white nor European but i don't feel offended by what EDL does. I think people (and not politicians) have the right to decide about the kind of people (and the number of people) they want that be allowed into their countries.

* Did you known that ARAB muslims still practice slavery (get their slaves from places such as Mauritania and other African countries) and that they consider themselves as the most worthy people in the world and treat non-Arabs living in their countries as worthless things? (there are some videos on youtube like this:

...if that is not racism then what is racism?